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Latest Profiles

CaliforniaLinx Is Making A Mark On Commercial Real Estate

Using CaliforniaLinx, you can find data on the owner of a property, lender, investor and other properties in the market. It is a directory of everyone in the industry, but with the added bonus of allowing the user to see relationships as well.

commercial real estate

Irish Whiskey Makes A Comeback

"The current renaissance comes amid a large wave of interest in brown spirits, particularly in the U.S." Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2016

irish whiskey

Even NFL Coaches Don't Call All The Shots

In a multi-year contract with Microsoft, the NFL has agreed to use the Microsoft Surface on the sidelines. For Bill Belichick, head coach for the Patriots, the failure of the product to live up to his expectations is too much.

new england patriots
bill belichick
microsoft surface

Artificial Intelligence Invades Election Coverage

“This is part of our big data initiative to help readers engage better and help our editorial teams do their job more efficiently,” Mr. Sam Han, director of data science for Washington Post, said.

artificial intelligence
washington post
donald trump
hillary clinton
u.s. election
presidential campaign
jeff bezos
For supporters who cannot get enough of him

Trump TV Could Be Coming To You

[I]n an interview last month, Mr. Trump strongly denied the notion he had plans for a post-election media business, saying the idea of running for president to launch a TV network was ridiculous.

donald trump
jared kushner
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