Company Directory

Xinomahc Family Limited Partnership to Xinri (USA) Corp.
Xinrong International Enterprise Inc. to Xintech, Inc. Will DO Business In The State of California As D.L. Buchko & Associates, Inc.
Xintech L.L.C. to Xinul Systems LLC
Xinuos, Inc. to Xinyi Deng
Xinyi International Trading Inc. to Xio Investments
Xio-Isa Enterprises, Inc. to Xiologix
Xiologix, L.L.C. to Xiomara Brathwaite Lmt, Nctmb
Xiomara Bridgewater to Xiomara Homes Inc
Xiomara, Inc. to Xiomara Restaurant
Xiomara Rivera to Xiomara's Housekeeping
Xiomara's Jewelry, Inc. to Xiomy Shoes, Inc.
Xiomyc Inc. to Xion One Inc
Xion Pharmaceutical Corporation to Xiong Business
Xiong Chai to Xiong, Ge
Xiong, Ger to Xiong Mai Kao
Xiong, Mao to Xiong Resources
Xiong Sai to Xiong's Cafe
Xiong's Construction to Xionware Technologies
Xionware Technologies, Corp. to Xios LLC
Xios, LLC to Xiotech Corporation
Xiotech Corporation to Xipango, L.L.C.
Xipanit L.L.C. to Xiphias Marine, Inc.
Xiphias Productions, LLC to Xiping Liu
Xiping Zeng to Xique Cleaning Services LLC
Xique Xique Mid Mining Holdings LLC to Xiral Studios LLC
Xircle Consulting, LLC to Xirnet, LLC
Xiro Group Corp. to Xis Controls
Xis Enterprises LLC to Xisong Huang, M.D., P.A.
Xisong Huang Medical Group Ltd., Llp to Xit Aero
Xit Asset Management Inc. to Xit Distributing, LLC
Xit Energy to Xit International, Inc.
Xit-Investments, Inc. to Xit Ranch Motel
Xit Ranch Office - Capitol Freehold Corporation to Xit Strategy, LLC
Xit Systems Inc to Xite Solar, Inc.
Xite Workx, Inc. to Xitian, LLC