Frequently Asked Questions for Corporation Wiki

Our About Us page says it best:
Corporation Wiki exists to provide corporate transparency and historical data on companies. This allows officers to be held accountable for the actions they take through their corporations. Imagine if anybody could hide behind a fictitious name and say and do anything that they wanted without concern of discovery. If the internet provided the same level of transparency, imagine how many less trolls there would be lurking in the comment sections of websites around the world (We're talking to you, youtube).

People around the world rely on us to help validate that someone is as awesome as they say they are. Others rely on us to help them discover fraud and malice.It's a check-and-balance. As long as good and evil exist, so will we.

We allow people, but not companies, to opt-out. Unlike Mitt Romney, we do not recognize corporations as people. They are entities designed to encapsulate business operations and provide certain legal protections. In order to provide transparency, corporate formations are public record and belong to the tax payers of America. Therefore we do not allow for the removal of a company record that is source from the public domain.

We do offer one exception to our "no company removal" rule. If the record was sourced solely from Dun & Bradstreet, contact them for removal and it will cascade to our database as well. To see the source for the profile, look at the bottom of the profile page under the Sources section. If you see only D&B then it can be removed.

View our opt-out policy

For a long time, we had a strict 'no opt-out' policy. We feel that there is no 'privacy' in public record when it comes to corporate formations. That said, residents of some countries do not enjoy the same level of civility and security as the citizens of the United States do. We might think that they shouldn't have put themselves into public record, however, for the sake of our conscience and the safety of those in dangerous countries, we decided to ease our opt-out policy to allow people, but not companies, to opt-out. We do, however, display a prominent message stating that a record on the page has been removed.

Find the Contribute or Edit link on the profile page and check the box next to the address you wish to remove from public view.

People associated with a company can be marked as Inactive. Look for the Contribute or Edit link on the profile in question and mark them inactive there.

We exist to provide transparency between people and companies, both active and old. Sometimes the "old" information is exactly what a researcher needs.

We would love to hear it! Please share your ideas with us on Twitter.

Aw, if only a corporation could blush... Please share your love for us on Twitter. Thanks!

Not everyone is a fan of Corporation Wiki. The best way to contact us would be on Twitter. We most likely will not respond to emails, phone calls, snail mail, etc.

We do not relay messages to people profiled on our site. We exist as a research tool for people that wish to understand a corporation and it's owners. We are not a conduit for reaching out to individuals profiled on the site. Any emails or messages sent to us will not be acted on.

Not at this time.